Hashtag Editor

Organize hashtags and captions

If you are running a social media profile, you probably have a document where you keep all your hashtags and captions. With time that document can become messy and hard to use.

With Hashtag Editor you can neatly organize all your hashtags and captions. Create a campaign, and add hashtags and captions for that campaign. Quickly copy your hashtags or captions to clipboard, and paste it in a social media app or website.

Create Campaigns
Use campaigns to group related hashtags and captions.
Add Hashtags and Captions
Add hashtags, mark them as favorite, reorder easily. Add long-form captions to campaigns.
Tweak Clipboard
Lowercase and remove spaces in hashtags before copying to clipboard.
Copy to Clipboard and Share
Quickly copy hashtags and captions to clipboard, or share them to other apps.
Personalize and Edit
Make each campaign unique by picking a color. Edit campaign's title, hashtags and captions.
Cloud Sync
All your campaigns, hashtags, and captions are synced on all your devices.
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Made by Igor Rusinov